The BMW Group has set an ambitious target for the global delivery of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) over the next few years. The company aims to have BEVs account for 15% of its total deliveries by the end of the year. So far, BMW Group has over 600,000 battery electric vehicles on the road. BMW CEO Oliver Zipse says that the ramp-up of e-mobility has become a priority for the BMW Group, as it strives to meet the increasing demand for sustainable transportation.

6 New EVs on Neue Klasse by 2027

Looking ahead, according to the BMW boss, the company aims to have at least one in five of its new vehicles being a BEV by 2024, one in four by 2025, and one in three by 2026. By 2030, more than half of the BMW Group’s global vehicle sales will be fully electric. The company is also prepared to meet the demand for 100% e-mobility in individual markets or regions, should the need arise. In Europe, for example, the BMW Group expects to surpass 50% BEV sales even sooner than 2030.

“The Rolls-Royce Spectre is being released at exactly the right time,” said Zipse. “We have never had so many pre-orders for a new Rolls-Royce model.” Zipse also teases future products, like the upcoming BMW i5, the iX2 and an entire family of MINI electric vehicles. Currently, BMW has the following EVs on the road: i3 long wheelbase (China), i4, i7, iX1, iX3, iX and MINI Cooper SE.

Of course, the Neue Klasse is just around the corner. The BMW Group has announced plans to begin production of electric vehicles (EVs) at three of its manufacturing plants over the next few years. The production will start in 2025 at Plant Debrecen, followed by the main plant in Munich in 2026, and finally at Plant San Luis Potosí in 2027. To kick off its EV production, the BMW Group is planning to release at least six models onto the market within the first two years of production. The automaker is focusing on high-volume segments from the outset, with a Sports Activity Vehicle and a sedan in the 3 Series segment.