It’s no surprise that the BMW M3 CS is expensive. All ‘CS’ models have had eyebrow-raising price tags. The only one that seemed sensible was the BMW M5 CS, whose sticker price was not only similar to its competitors but seemed perfectly reasonable after driving it. However, the M2 CS, as incredible as it was, felt a bit expensive, starting at over $90,000. The BMW M3 CS, on the other hand, has an even more shocking price tag of $119,695. However, that’s just the starting price. How expensive can it actually get?

Starting at $119,695

There really are only two options you can choose from on the BMW M3 CS, as it comes pretty loaded as-standard. However, both options are quite pricey, so they inflate the overall cost quite a bit.

The first option customers will choose is color. Admittedly, two of the four color options—Black Sapphire Metallic and Brooklyn Grey—are standard. But if you want either Signal Green or Frozen White Metallic, you’ll have to dish out an additional $4,500, which bumps the price up to $124,195. Remember, the starting price of the standard M3 is $75,295.

It can reach $132,695

After you pick your color, you get to choose whether you want carbon ceramic brakes. You’d think for nearly $120,000 to start, it’d come with carbon ceramic brakes from the factory but I guess not. For those, you’ll have to spend an extra $8,500, which continues to inflate the price to $132,695.

Admittedly, none of this matters in the world of rich customers. BMW is only going to make a max of 2,000 cars and all of them will sell out before you can finish reading this article. However, that doesn’t make the price less shocking, objectively speaking. The BMW M5 CS was about $143,000 to start and was very likely the best BMW I’ve ever driven. The M3 is only $10,000 less than that, so it better be legendary. I have a gut feeling it will be, due to the M3 Competition’s excellence and the sweet spot that ‘CS’ models seem to hit. But we’ll see when we can finally put rubber to road.