After a busy 2022 during which it celebrated its 50th anniversary with numerous product launches, BMW M is believed to unveil several exciting cars this year. One of the first models to break cover will be the M3 CS, representing a step up from the saloon’s Competition version with xDrive. It too will have all-wheel drive and an automatic gearbox, but with a bit more power – 543 ponies to be exact.

Ahead of its forthcoming world premiere, the M3 CS has been spotted during final testing as a production-ready prototype. With the license plate moved to the bottom of the windscreen, we can take a good look at the unobstructed front fascia, which appears to have been largely adapted from the M4 CSL. The kidney grille design and the aggressive bumper represent a spitting image of what you’ll find on the Competition Sport Lightweight. We could say the same about the beefy spoiler lip extending onto the sides of the bumper.

There should also be some changes at the back, such as a new carbon fiber trunk lid spoiler, but nothing to write home about. Inside, the M3 CS will retain the rear seats since the weight loss won’t be as drastic as in the M4 CSL’s case. As to what type of rear seats it will have, we’ve heard it’s not getting the body-hugging back seats of the M5 CS. Of course, it wouldn’t make a lot of sense to sell a performance sedan with rear doors but no rear seats, although Jaguar did it a few years back with the hardcore XE SV Project 8.

BMW has already transitioned the M3 Sedan to the iDrive 8 for the 2023 model year so the newer infotainment system will be certainly installed in the CS. While the M4 CSL is capped at 1,000 units for the whole world, the M3 CS is unlikely to be this exclusive as logic tells us more cars will be produced. Further down the line, M CEO Frank Van Meel has alluded that an M4 CS could join the lineup.

Meanwhile, BMW is likely to unveil the M3 CS in the coming weeks.

Source: rollendereporter / Instagram