Back before there was an M Division, BMW’s most successful race car was the 3.0 CSL. It was dominant in 1970s Touring car racing, with German racing driver Hans-Joachim Stuck behind the wheel. In order to go racing in the various racing series’ the 3.0 CSL competed in, there needed to be a homologated road version of it and there was. And being the racing driver for BMW that he was, Stuck was given a road-going 3.0 CSL as a long-term loan from the factory.

Stuck only drove the 3.0 CSL for a year, after which he sold the car to a friend of his. Since then, Stuck’s 3.0 CSL has exchanged hands quite a few more times. Until now, as it’s currently up for sale on Kidston in the UK.

The BMW 3.0 CSL road car was always called the “Batmobile” for its outrageous looks and massive rear wing. It must have looked like it was from another planet back in the ’70s but it looks downright elegant and lovely now. It’s one of BMW’s prettiest ever cars. And Stuck’s is the perfect color combination: white with M-colored stripes and a black interior with wood trim. It’s exactly the sort of car and spec that with have enthusiasts drooling. It’s also in perfect condition, as you might expect.

Powering the BMW 3.0 CSL is—you guessed it—a 3.0-liter naturally aspirated inline-six. It’s a motorsport-bred inline-six that makes all the right noises. It’s paired with a five-speed manual transmission and arear-wheel drive, making it exactly the sort of car enthusiasts claim to love above all else. And this specific car was once owned and driver by one of the best drivers to ever race for the blue and white Roundel. If you want to own something with so much history, enquire here.

H/T to Road & Track for the finding the car.

[Source: Kidston]