Last year, BMW teamed up with Joshua Vides for a car/apparel collaboration. BMW must have been happy with their work together, as it’s partnered with Vides yet again.

This collaboration comes in two parts: a lifestyle apparel collection and a car. First, let’s start with the car. It’s an E30-generation BMW 325i, which he found and bought in 2019. It was in fantastic condition when he found it but needed some TLC to get it back into perfect, project-worthy condition.

Once the restoration was done, Vides installed wheels and painted it, giving it a unique pattern that is, according to Vides, inspired by Los Angeles street culture. It also follows his typical style of simple, almost cartoonish designs. The hood has a blue, hand-painted graphic, while the sides feature black and white spotted design with blue stripes. It almost looks like it was plucked out of a comic book, which is sort of Vides’ style. While the whees look like three-piece BBS wheels

As for the apparel collection, it’s a fall/winter 2022 collection that features a few interesting pieces. The main design theme with the BMW/Vides fall/winter apparel collection is pin-striping, which makes up much of the designs. That design can be seen on most designs but is most apparent on the vest, the scarf, and the hat. There are also shirts that read “BMW Paint Crew” on the back and look pretty cool.

BMW has been partnering with a ton of artists lately. Back in 2019, it was Futura 2000, then it was Ronny Fieg and Kith, now, it’s Joshua Vides again, the latter two both had two BMW collabs. Interestingly, both Fieg and Vides did both clothing and cars for BMW, while Futura just hand painted a car. However, Vides’ car obviously won’t be for sale, being that it’s his own E30 3 Series. Some BMW artist cars are put into production and put on sale, such as Futura’s.