3D Design, the Japanese-based BMW tuner, has just launched its latest wheel upgrade for high-end BMWs. It’s called the T521 and it’s a two-piece aluminum wheel designed for the BMW 7 Series, 8 Series, X5, and X7 and is made in Japan. The 3D Design T521 comes in two different size options, 21-inch and 22-inch. The 21-inch wheel is a reverse rim, while the 22-inch is features a step rim configuration. There are different width and offset options, depending on the car you’re buying this new wheel for. The 21-inch wheel is available in 8.5-11.5-inch widths, while the 22-inch wheel is available in 8.5-12.5-inch widths. It’s also available in two different finishes, Brushed Black or Brushed Clear.

It’s a great looking 10-spoke, two-piece wheel, with lovely exposed, countersunk bolts. If I were to choose between finished, I’d go with the Brushed Clear, as the brushed aluminum look is a bit easier on the eyes to me. However, seeing the silver bolts contrasted on the black wheels does look cool. But I think the silver wheels look best on the black 7 Series.

As always, these wheels are made with 3D Design’s exceptional quality and should be outstanding for any BMW customer. The Japanese tuning brand has a long history of making some of the best BMW parts in the business and has been making wheels for many, many years. So you can expect the same great quality as always, to go along with its new design. I also think this new T521 is the best looking wheel 3D Design has made—it’s simple but stylish and aggressive.

If you have a high-end, big BMW, such as the 7 Series, 8 Series, X5, and X7, you should take a look at these wheels as an upgrade for your car’s design because they could drastically improve its look.

[Source: 3D Design]