This BMW 5 Series from the E39 era certainly had seen better days before the owner brought it over to the talented folks at WD Detailing. A 2001 525i model with 193,000 miles (310,600 kilometers) on the clock, the sports sedan spent a significant amount of time underneath a tree. That obviously took its toll on the body as the hood was in dire need of a full makeover to remove the leaf marks.

The interior wasn’t in a much better shape either as the owner admits he once left the window open on a rainy day. The moisture generated a worrying amount of mildew noticeable on the seats, steering wheel, and gear lever. As for the engine bay where the inline-six M54 calls home, it too had to be properly washed after taking out all the debris.

You can see the hood still looked bad as substances from the leaves deteriorated the clear coat. WD Detailing proceeded to use a wool pad to shave off all the remaining dirt and determine the paint’s real condition. This part of the video is perhaps the most satisfying to watch as the difference is night and day.

After polishing the headlights and fixing some other minor cosmetic issues on the outside, work began in the cabin where the first order of business was to take out the seats. The whole floor was vacuumed and the mats were cleaned using a degreaser for the rubber ones and carpet extractor soap for the carpeted mats. Special attention was given to the leather seats and they now look excellent despite belonging to a high-mileage car built some 21 years ago.

The owner was pleasantly surprised to find out he wouldn’t have to pay anything since WD Detailing decided to do all the work for free, knowing they’d make some money off the YouTube video. That’s what we would call a win-win situation.

Source: WD Detailing / YouTube