BMW fans rejoice, as the BMW CCA’s O’Fest is back but this time it has a bit of Wakandan flare, as it’s called the BMW CCA O’Fest Forever. In addition to the name change, there will also be some new additions to the event log in Palm Springs, California which will run from September 27 through October 1, 2022. O’Fest is open to both BMW CCA members and non-members, so anyone that wants to go can go. For attendants, there are several different events to partake in, including a TSD (Time, Speed, Distance) rally, a Cars & Coffee event, tech talks, and even a wine blending party and beer garden. So, basically, car nerd heaven.

Among the more interesting events is the TSD rally, which requires precise timing and patience. Rather than driving from one point to another as quickly as possible, TSD rallies require exact timing between points and exact routes. Which means drivers and navigators have to follow a precise course while averaging specific speeds. An all-out speed rally might be more fun but a TSD rally is a thinking driver’s rally.

Driving Schools For Everyone

There will also be different events at BMW’s Performance Center in Palm Springs. There will be a half-day driving program, a Club M School, and a Ladies Driving Program. All of which will allow participants to drive new BMW M cars on track, hone their skills (or learn new ones), and get a taste of what the latest M cars are capable of.

On Friday, September 30, participants will be able to attend the Akrapovič Concours and Dinner at the PGA West Pete Dye Mountain Course. Not only will attendees be able to see some incredible BMWs but there will also be dinner, drinks, and music.

There will be two different fees for the BMW CCA O’Fest Forever. If you just want “The Weekend Escape” it will cost you $325 for Thursday-Friday. That gets you the last Vendor Reception, two full dinners, the beer garden, and participation in the concours. With that option, you can also add on other events, such as the driving events at BMW’s Performance Center. The second option will be the $475 “Ultimate Getaway” which gives you the full lineup of vendor events and seminars, as well as three dinners, the Cars & Coffee, and the concourse. If you want to attend, register now.

[Register Here: BMW CCA O’Fest Forever]