The iconic Festival of Speed at Goodwood welcomed this week the all-new BMW M4 CSL. The Nurburgring record-breaking BMW M4 CSL started today in the annual hill climb event and we were on site to capture the moment. BMW M development engineer Jorg Weidinger is behind the wheel, and if the name is familiar, then you’d be right to remember him. He is the very same driver who broke the BMW record around the Nurburgring in the M4 CSL.

It completed the course in 7 minutes and 15.677 seconds if we’re talking about the 20.6-kilometer layout, which excludes the short straight at the T13 grandstand. BMW says the M4 CSL needed 7 minutes and 20.207 seconds to cover the full 20.8-kilometer configuration of the Green Hell.

How does the M4 CSL stack up against its predecessor, the BMW M4 GTS? In fall 2015, M engineer Jorg Weidinger achieved a lap time of 7 minutes and 27.88 seconds on the slightly shorter configuration of the famous race track in Germany. According to Weidinger, the new BMW M4 CSL can be even faster on the Nurburgring, if all the right things fall in place.

In this video, you get to see what the BMW M4 CSL can do in the hands of a pro driver. And despite the hill climb being fairly short, it was enough to see amazing driving dynamics of the M4 CSL. Let’s take a look at this exclusive video and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel!

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