I usually hate the expression “they don’t make ’em like they used to” but, when it comes to BMW design, I actually think it applies. Some modern Bimmers are genuinely beautiful but not a single one can match the near-perfect design of the E31 8 Series. The original 8 Series was, and still is, a gorgeous car. It had its flaws–crap reliability, a lack of proper BMW handling, and too high of a price tag–but hot damn did it look good. This specific 1995 BMW 850Ci, painted in a BMW Individual Tobagoblau metallic, is stunning and is currently for sale in Prague.

The ’95 BMW 850Ci is up for auction on Auctomobile, and it looks incredible, with its Individual blue paint, two-tone blue and black interior, and deep-dished BBS wheels. It’s the perfect looking 8 Series and is positively dripping with classic-cool looks. It has so much more character than the current 8 Series, despite that being a good looking car, and this old E31 will stay great looking for many decades to come. It’s low, sleek, has a long hood and a short rear deck, small kidney grilles, and pop-up freaking headlights. What a cool car.

Admittedly, its interior is a bit blah. This particular car’s color scheme is cool but the the E31’s interior design was a bit meh. Still, it’s handsome, with a distinct ’90s charm, and is completely unique, unlike any other BMW, which can’t be said about the current car.

Being a BMW 850Ci, it has a 5.0 liter naturally aspirated V12, making 296 hp and 332 lb-ft. Considering some BMW four-cylinders make more than that now, the E31 seems a bit slow. But that silky V12 will be far more enjoyable to use than most current BMW engines. Its five-speed automatic will ruin the experience a bit but that’s okay when you have a gorgeous BMW GT car with a V12 and rear-wheel drive.

[Source: Auctomobile]