BMW is pulling out all the stops to celebrate the M Division’s 50th anniversary. One of the ways it’s celebrating the M brand is with this video series, “We Are M”, in which you get brief lessons into different aspects of the M Division and its history. This newest episode features the BMW M3 Touring, the most hotly anticipated upcoming BMW product, and it even officially shows off the car’s rear end.

The video starts off by discussing the first true M3 Touring, which was an E46 M3 Touring prototype. It never actually went into production, as BMW at the time felt a long-roof M3 would be a sales flop. However, that’s the car that truly started it all, even if all it did was prove to BMW that it would be awesome.

Fast forward more than a decade and BMW is officially building an M3 Touring, a car that fans have been begging BMW to build since the ’90s. Since its announcement, we’ve seen some spy photos of the M3 Touring, some official and some not so official, but we’ve yet to actually see any meaningful glimpses of it without its camouflage. Until now, however.

In this new episode of “We Are M” from BMW, BMW M employees pull the wrapping off the back of the M3 Touring, revealing its uncamouflaged sheet metal for the first time. The reveal begins at the 5:00 mark.

Admittedly, as exciting as this is, because it’s our first time actually seeing the BMW M3 Touring, it looks exactly as we expected it to look. It looks like a standard BMW 3 Series Touring but with M bits added on. Which means it gets flared wheel arches, a massive rear diffuser, and quad exhaust pipes, the latter of which being a typical M Division staple.

Despite not being entirely unexpected, it still looks great. The G21 3 Series Touring is a very handsome car, so adding M3 bits will only make it better. The BMW M3 Touring will officially debut sometime this year and we cannot wait to see the rest of it.