One of the perks of purchasing a luxury car is having access to a wide array of options. For example, an obvious way to personalize a vehicle is by opting for a special exterior finish. Consequently, BMW has got you covered in that regard courtesy of its vast selection of Individual colors. You won’t necessarily find all of them in the regional configurator, which is why the company invites you to get in touch with the dealer.

In general, a salesperson has access to a more complex, internal car builder with all the possible options available at that time. To illustrate its rich color palette, a new video released by BMW provides a quick look at the many Individual paints available for the X4 M Competition. However, keep in mind that going down this road extends the build time by about 10 weeks. The trickiest ones are the matte (Frozen) shades since defects are harder to fix compared to a glossy paint.

There are no fewer than 29 special finishes featured here, shown in alphabetical order. Below, you’ll find the full list.

Variety Is The Spice Of Life:

  • Atlantis
  • Avus Blue
  • Brass
  • British Racing Green
  • Brooklyn Grey
  • Daytona Violet
  • Frozen Black
  • Frozen Brilliant White
  • Frozen Deep Grey
  • Frozen Marina Bay Blue
  • Grigio Telesto Pearl
  • Gunmetal
  • Indianapolis Red
  • Java Green
  • Limerock Grey
  • Macao Blue
  • Malachite Green
  • Nardo Grey
  • Orinoco Pearl
  • Pyrite Brown
  • Ruby Black
  • Ruby Red
  • San Marino Blue
  • Santorini Blue
  • Sepia Violet
  • Sophisto Grey
  • Urban Green
  • Velvet Blue
  • Verde Ermes.

Finally, it will be interesting to see the XM in an Individual color once production will commence in Spartanburg by the end of 2022. The plug-in hybrid SUV has created quite a stir because of its overly angular design. The road-going model in a vibrant shade should be even more of an eye-grabber compared to the concept’s subdued gray finish.

[Source: BMW M / Instagram]