In today’s synthetic, digitized world of automobiles, old-school sports cars are coveted among enthusiasts. We beg car manufacturers to develop cars that remind of the good old days, when sports cars were pure and exciting, rather than just rolling spec sheets. However, often times those classic sports cars disappoint in reality, as they’re typically unreliable, lack the refinement we’re now accustomed to, and they often just aren’t as good to drive as we remember. There is one sports car manufacturer that seems to offer the nostalgic experience we crave but without any of the drawbacks — Morgan.

The small British sports car make still develops delightfully old-school sports cars. Even the new Morgan Plus Four, which uses a modern aluminum chassis and high-tech BMW engine under its skin, feels like a properly classic sports car to drive. It’s the sort of driving experience that reminds us why we love driving. At least that’s how it seems after reading this recent review from Motor Trend.

Motor Trend’s Angus MacKenzie recently had the chance to drive the Morgan Plus Four and came away extremely impressed. On the outside, it looks like a sports car from the 1940s and, on the inside, it’s filled with rich leather and real metal, giving it an old-school feel. However, it’s actually surprisingly high-tech underneath. The Plus Four uses BMW’s 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder “B48” engine, which makes 255 horsepower. Torque varies based on transmission; the six-speed manual only gets 258 lb-ft, while the eight-speed auto gets 295 lb-ft.

MacKenzie drove both transmissions and, surprisingly, felt that the eight-speed auto was the better choice. Either way, though, it’s a kick-ass car to drive and one that seemingly brings all the joy of driving a classic car without any of the drawbacks. It feels like an old-school sports car but isn’t unreliable like one, isn’t uncomfortable like one, and isn’t ever difficult to drive. It has all of the reliability and usability of a modern car but with the rose-tinted nostalgia of a classic. It isn’t perfect; its steering is a bit numb and highway with the top down isn’t for the faint of heart; but it seems like a spectacular little sports car to drive.

[Source: Motor Trend]