BMW announced today that vehicles equipped with Live Cockpit Professional (option code 6U3) and vehicle software 20-07 and newer will be able to use the new built-in Uneven Road Surface feature, which provides useful notifications on the Instrument panel or, in vehicles so equipped, the Head-Up Display. The notifications will depict whether you are encountering a single uneven road surface or rough road area within 0.25 miles of the first event. Uneven road surface notifications are triggered by potholes, speed bumps, sewer covers, or other generally irregular road surfaces that would lead to less-than-optimal driving comfort.

Uneven Road Surface continuously learns and automatically registers road imperfections and sends anonymized data directly to BMW, improving this feature in real time for all BMW customers. On compatible vehicles, the Uneven Road Surface feature will be automatically added and activated at no additional cost. The ability to turn the feature on or off will be available from the main menu in the iDrive screen under the “Apps” tab.

The feature was already available in some BMW models as early as July 2021 and it was reported as being part of the services/app update in cars like the X3 or X5. The new software update seems to roll out the Uneven Road Surface warning feature to other BMW models as well.