It’s the age-old question: what car should you buy if you’re interested in a high-performance sedan? Should you go for the BMW M5 Competition or should you get a Mercedes-AMG E63 S? That has been a tough nut to crack over the years and the two big German car makers have been trading blows in this segment for quite some time. But if we’re to talk about 2021 models, which one should you stake your money on?

Mat Watson is trying to find out and provide some valuable insights into the both of them, in the video below. Kicking things off, Mat checks out the design of the two which is the most subjective topic you can talk about, at least on Youtube. Everyone has a personal preference and Mat’s is the Mercedes-Benz. At least when it comes to the front end and the rear end, with the side profile of the M5 seemingly looking better to Mat overall.

Inside the cabins, it’s once again a very subjective experience, depending on your personal preference. The design might be subjective but what is not is the material quality and fit and finish. Both cars are easy to use and ergonomic and the seats are just armchairs transplanted into road cars. The Mercedes also has an upper hand in the instrument cluster area, as it can be customized to greater lengths compared to the BMW.

But what about the performance? We’ve seen plenty of races between these two models and we know they are pretty close. In Mat’s test, the M5 came out on top. The E63 S did the 1/4 mile in 11.23 seconds, with the 0-60 mph time being 3.09. The BMW on the other hand, did the 1/4 mile in 10.91 seconds and the benchmark sprint in 2.92 seconds. It’s not a night and day difference, but the M5 was faster. So, what was Mat’s choice in the end? Check out the video to find out.