Mercedes won’t officially unveil its first dedicated electric car, the EQS sedan, until April 15. To ease the wait, the three-pointed star has dropped a complete image gallery depicting the lavish interior of what will be its flagship EV. It’s safe to say the abundance of screens is what catches the attention at first.

The fully digital driver’s display measures 12.3 inches and is complemented by the 17.7-inch vertical touchscreen of the infotainment system, provided you choose the optional MBUX Hyperscreen. There’s another screen on the passenger side of the dashboard, measuring 12.3 inches.

If the Mercedes EQS is fitted with the rear-seat entertainment system (available at additional cost), the total number of screens jumps to five as those sitting in the back get a pair of 11.6-inch screens. It’s worth mentioning only the big central display and the one on the passenger side have crisp OLED screens whereas the others are regular LCDs.

The base version without the swanky Hyperscreen has a smaller 12.8-inch central display in portrait orientation in the same vein as the one you’ll find on the latest S-Class. There are more displays to talk about as Mercedes will sell the EQS with a removable tablet between the rear seats and the choice between two optional head-up displays. The more sophisticated HUD has augmented reality tech and offers a 77-inch diagonal by featuring an imaging unit consisting of a high-res matrix of 1.3 million individual mirrors.

To get an idea about the amount of technology Mercedes has crammed into the EQS, there are up to 350 sensors embedded throughout the car. These sensors measure everything from distances and speeds to lighting conditions and even the driver’s eyelid movements. Not only that, but there are 12 actuators positioned below the touchscreen. The German premium brand claims it has incorporated more than 40 new innovations along with 20 design applications.

BMW has recently unveiled the iX which comes with large LCD screens as well. The iX electric SUV will get a pair of curved display screens, including a 12.3-inch instrument cluster, and a 14.9-inch screen in the center dashboard. The expectations are that the upcoming BMW i7 electric limousine will feature a similar layout with same size or even larger screens.

Mercedes is planning to launch the EQS in Europe this August and unveil the smaller EQE a month later. Both sedans will spawn equivalent SUV versions in 2022. Meanwhile, production of the EQS will take place at the same carbon-neutral Factory 56 at the Sindelfingen plant in Germany where the S-Class and the posh Maybach S-Class sedans are manufactured.

[Source: EVGLOBE | Photos: Mercedes-Benz]