The BMW X5 M50i has always been one of the best products offered by the Bavarians. The high-end luxury SUV combines every day practicality with great looks and even more impressive performance. While the X5 M will always be king, the M50i is the charming price. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that is one BMW’s best selling SUV models. Tuning shops from around the world have also taken notice of the X5 M50i and put together a variety of projects.

The last one hails from Switzerland where tuning company Dähler decided to give the X5 M50i a significant power boost. The M Performance X5 now makes 630 hp and 840 Newton meters of torque, from the standard 530 hp. Furthermore, the M50i SUV gets an aftermarket exhaust system with four tailpipes (110 mm diameter), similar to the X5 M. It also sits on 23 inch alloy wheels and rides closer to the ground, thanks to a sport spring set. The CDC1 Forged wheels are wrapped in 305 mm wide tires.

On request, the Swiss tuner can also install a valve flap control that develops even more sound and volume at the push of a button, but in return it loses the standard OPF (Gasoline particulate filters) which keep in your car in good standing with the emission authorities.

Dähler “Level 1” is responsible for the generous increase in performance of 100 hp and 90 Newton meters compared to the series model. The V8 TwinTurbo now reaches 270 km/h, thanks to modified electronics. If even that is not enough, there is a remedy in sight: The work on “Level 2” has already started and promises even more performance.

[Source: BimmerToday]