Are the designers over at BMW even trying anymore, with the 8 Series? These new spy photos of the 8 Series Gran Coupe LCI look like they just camouflaged the current car and sent it out on its way for testing. Of course, I say that in jest. Sort of. We actually do know that BMW putting a huge amount of effort into refreshing the 8 Series model line as a whole and we can’t really blame anyone in Munich for t. The 8er simply isn’t selling well enough to justify a larger investment into it. Which is why the test mule seen in these spy photos might as well just be the current pre-LCI car. (We don’t own the photos but they can be seen here)

Seen in these photos is the BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe LCI and it’s wearing camouflage on its face and its butt. Neither of which, however, look like they need any. Admittedly, we can’t see everything through the camo, so it’s entirely possible that there are some changes we can’t see. However, from what we can see — headlights, grille shape, taillight shape, and the exhausts — nothing looks different.

Could there be some interesting changes inside the 8er LCI, as well as under the skin, that make the LCI worthwhile? Of course. BMW could be in the process of updating the interior and potentially tweaking the driving dynamics of the 8 Series. To be honest, we’d be far happier with that than with any cosmetic changes, as the 8 Series Gran Coupe is already a stunning car, it’s just a bit boring to drive.

According to the photographer of these photos, the iDrive screen was covered, so it’s possible that BMW has added a larger screen or even just a new iDrive system. Also, BMW could be adding some mild-hybrid tech to the engines, borrowed from the new 4 Series.

We hope that BMW does enough to help the 8 Series sell because, at the moment, it’s just not doing well. Maybe some new interior tech and powertrain upgrades could get customers more interested but it doesn’t seem that BMW is going to try to bait them with new styling, as this 8 Series Gran Coupe LCI is about as subtle as it gets from the outside.

[Source: Motor Authority]