Welcome back to another episode of the BMWBLOG Podcast. We appreciate all the listeners so please continue to listen and give us feedback, it’s all very helpful. I’m solo in this episode but we should have a guest on next week, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, I wanted to talk about the all-new BMW M5 CS, the hottest news surrounding the M Division at the moment.

The new BMW M5 CS is an interesting car because it’s the first-ever hardcore M5 and it’s the only M5 to only have four seats. It’s also the most powerful production BMW in history and the most powerful, road-legal production M Division engine in history. So there’s a lot of firsts with this new special M5. The coolest thing about it, though, is its back seat, which features two racing bucket seats, rather than a fixed bench or even two luxurious rear seats. This way, you can take three adult friends on track with you.

Also, as we pointed out just after its release, the BMW M5 CS has a better power-to-weight ration than any other M car in history. Even the glorious and legendary E46 M4 CSL. I guess over 600 horsepower and a diet can do that.

I also wanted to talk about the BMW 430i Coupe, which I recently had the chance to test drive for a week. It was a car that genuinely surprised me. I went into the drive with lukewarm expectations but it actually impressed me more than I thought it would and I ended up actually liking it. There are still things I don’t like and the grille is still horrid but the rest of the car is actually quite good.

Next week, we should have another guest for you, scheduling during Covid is more complex than it might seem. However, we’re working on getting another guest that you won’t want to miss. So thanks for listening and stay tuned for more.

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