What’s the best way to promote some of the latest BMW models other than taking them out for a proper drive. That’s exactly what BMW Romania set to achieve with the new 4 Series Coupe, and the top BMW SUVS – X5, X6 and X7. The idea behind the project was to explore the beautiful Romanian landscape with the help of seven professional photographers. That’s how the #BMWPhotoCamp was born.

The seven men behind the camera are Radu Chindriş, Adrian Cobzaşu, Mihai Dăscălescu, Ciprian Mihai, Bogdan Paraschiv, Dragoş Savu, Andrei Toboşaru. Locally, they’re known for their work in several high-profile magazines, like auto motor und sport, AutoBild, TopGear or WhatCar.

The #BMWPhotoCamp experience kicked off at the Grand Hotel Balvanyos in the heart of Transylvania, a picturesque setting that even Dracula would be proud of. The BMW caravan headed next to iconic places like the Barajul Frumoasa or Lake Sfanta Ana. Of course, the winter setting makes the photography even more spectacular, and the drive even more fun. As you can see from the extensive photo galleries below, sometimes all you need to do is get behind the wheel and explore the places around you. Some gems might be hidden just miles away.

The photos also emphasize the capabilities of BMW’s xDrive, especially when you get deep into the snow for some drifting sessions.

Gallery by Andrei Toboşaru – www.instagram.com/andreitobosaru

Adrian Cobzaşu – www.instagram.com/adriancobzasu

Bogdan Paraschiv – www.instagram.com/bogdanpara

Ciprian Mihai – www.instagram.com/ciprianmihai

Dragoş Savu – www.instagram.com/sssdragos

Mihai Dăscălescu – www.instagram.com/mihaidascalescu

Radu Chindriş – www.instagram.com/radu_chindris


Adrian Mitu – www.instagram.com/the_coffeeartist