A few years ago, MINI launched a program called “MINI Yours Customised“, which was an oddly name way of saying that you could order customized, 3D-printed parts for you MINI. Certain things like dash trims, door sill plates and even keys had wide ranges of customization due to 3D printing. Being that MINI has always been a brand that prides itself on customization, it seemed like the perfect program for the British brand. However, for whatever reason, the BMW Group has decided to shut it down.

MINI recently changed the Yours Customised page to notify customers that the program is no longer in the works:


As for currently pending orders with customized parts, we aren’t sure how MINI is going to handle that but there’s an email address on the page with which all questions can be asked.

It’s a shame to see this program go. While it wasn’t extremely extensive, as there was a rather small limit on the sorts of parts you could customize, it fit well with the MINI brand and seemed like an interesting idea. Sadly, the MINI brand as a whole isn’t doing too hot sales-wise, so it’s likely that the decision was made to dial back any sort of programs that weren’t working.

Thankfully, MINI has a long history of personalization and that’s not likely to change any time soon. You can still order a MINI with a wide range of personalization, as you can choose so many specific little options, such as steering wheels, decals, and color combinations. The joke is that MINIs are like snowflakes and no two are alike and, after having seen thousands of MINI owners’ cars during several MINI Takes the States events, I can say with confidence that’s true.

[Source: MINI]