BMW Motorrad has been investing a lot in its new range of bikes, making efforts to build them in such a way that they are prone to being heavily modified by the most enthusiastic owners. The R 18 is one prime example in this regard, the bike being created from the ground up with customization in mind. What we’re about to show you is the work of Kingston Custom and it is, without a doubt, a retro-inspired materpiece.

Dubbed ‘Spirit of Passion’, this latest take on the BMW R 18 is the third model presented as part of the ‘SoulFuel’ series which is nothing more than a close collaboration between BMW Motorrad and hand picked customizers from around the world. Not too long ago, we took a look at what Roland Sands put together and soon after we were introduced to what Bernhard Naumann came up with.

This latest creation comes from the mind of Dirk Oehlerking and takes a stroll towards the origins of BMW, reminding me of their record-breaking model in 1937. You will immediately notice this bike’s main feature and that’s the Kingston custom made fairing which features a huge set of grilles harking back to the BMW 328 as well as a massive headlamp punctured in right above them. The handlebars and mudguard has also been custom made, the frame being kept intact in the process.

The BMW R 18 exhaust has been modified by Oehlerking in Kingston Roadster style, while his saddle is drawn from the range of universal accessories. The turn indicators have been replaced with Kellermann indicators and the LED front headlight is now integrated in the fairing. The original paintwork and lines have been adopted for the fairing and wing, with the addition of some details in Kingston style. The wheel suspension and fuel tank are original. The design as a whole is based on classic art deco style.