Some cars are more desirable than others and that’s fine, it’s just the way the world works. When discussing the value of a car in cold, clinical numbers, a variety of factors need to be taken into account. From its age to the specs and condition, the production numbers and even brand, these are all these factors to take into account. When it comes to the BMW 2002 Turbo, one might think they are incredibly expensive but the truth of the matter is, compared to other cars made in the same period, it’s really not.

The one we’re showing you today is a 1974 model in pretty good condition for its age. According to the ad on RM Sotheby’s it received a three-year rotisserie restoration and should be good to go as soon as you buy it. The BMW 2002 Turbo is a rare car too, being made in only 1,672 units in the first place. Out of those, who knows how many are still driveable today. That’s another reason why the price tag of this car is pretty surprising.

Going under the hammer at the Sotheby’s Arizona auction on January 22, the auctioneers expect to see it get anything between $120,000 and $140,000. That’s a decent number for such a good looking car. The odometer also says 25,731 kilometers (16,000 miles), even though there’s no mention of the car’s real mileage in the ad.

Nevertheless, this is a huge opportunity for someone looking to buy a nice, collector’s car. It looks brilliant, probably drives brilliant, and has the potential to go up in price over the next decade. The one thing is missing though are the original wheels. Instead, it uses a set from ALPINA. Considering it also comes with a BMW Classic Certificate this is definitely a car worth a look over.

[Source: RM Shotheby’s]