After the revealing of some spy photos of upcoming Bimmers, fans noticed that the test mules seemed to wear a new split headlight design, one that would be a huge departure from BMW’s traditional design language. Since then, several renders have been released, trying to create what such a design might look like without the camouflage. This new render, of a BMW 7 Series, is just the latest in a long line of them but it shows off a different version of the supposed new headlight design.

The BMW 7 Series rendered here has a much different face than the current car but let’s start with the headlights. They seem to feature an upper and lower portion, with the upper just being a very slim “eyebrow” light and the lower housing the actual headlamps. The way in which the headlights merge with the vertical creases thank flank either side of the front end is reminiscent of the new Rolls-Royce Ghost. Judging from some spy photos, that actually might end up as a production design element.

Outside of the headlights, this grille returns the 7 Series’ grille to normality a bit and even changes the hood shut line, moving it further up from the grille. The hood shut line looks a bit odd, as do the upper headlight slivers built into it. The entire face looks a bit too square and flat.

Obviously, this is just a render and not necessarily indicative of the actual 7 Series’ design. Having said that, there are some elements of it that could make their way to production. For instance, the split headlights are seeming more and more like a realistic possibility and the squared-off, almost Ghost-esque front end looks realistic as well. Will the next-gen 7er look like this? We won’t know for some time but how would you feel if it did?

[Source: Motor1]