MANHART Performance takes on a monumental task to turn the BMW X7 into a proper off-road vehicle. The X7 is already known for its off-road capabilities, thanks to the Off-Road Package, but the German tuning shop takes things a bit further. The high-end luxury BMW SUV was designed in a martial military look and prepared for rough off-road missions. The model is dubbed the MHX7 650 Dirt Edition 2.

Based on the X7 top model M50i, the Wuppertal-based tuning shop created a unique vehicle that is visually reminiscent of the armored command vehicle of a military special forces unit. The entire body of the large SUV was wrapped in a custom design foil with matte black brushed surfaces and 3D rivet look.

MANHART’s engineers worked on the standard air suspension of the X7 M50i and increased the ground clearance of the Dirt Edition 2 by around 40 millimeters. Therefore,  they created additional space for the heavy-duty wheel/tire combinations.

Coarse-tread Maxxis Bighorn MT-764 tires in 305/50R20 were mounted on 10×20-inch Black Rhino wheels by MANHART – matching the body design in matte black with Beadlock design. The tuning shop that the MHX7 650 Dirt Edition 2 can now easily navigate through very stony or muddy terrain.

But they didn’t stop here. The output of the 4.4-liter V8 biturbo engine was increased by installing an HJS downpipe that reduces back pressure. Coupled with a stainless steel exhaust system with valve control and a remapped ECU, the standard 530 hp and 750 Nm went up to 650 hp and 920 Nm. The result is stunning and you can see the vehicle in the gallery below: