BMW has always made great wheels. In fact, BMW may be one of the best wheel-making car companies in history, as it has an absolutely massive catalog of great wheels over the decades. With its new M Performance line of parts, it offers some genuinely good looking wheels to upgrade your Bimmer with and its newest wheel might be its most unique yet, simply because of its color — it’s green.

In the brand’s newest marketing video for its virtual M Town, BMW revealed, among other things, an all-new M Performance Parts wheel that’s mostly green. There are some dark accents in the wheel but the majority of it is bright green and it’s, well it’s something.

The wheel itself isn’t anything unique, as it’s the same wheel we’ve already seen on the new BMW M3 and M4. The only new bit about this wheel is its finish but that’s enough, as it’s potentially the most vibrant and eye-catching wheel to currently be sold by an actual auto manufacturer and not an aftermarket wheel company.

We’re not so sure what sort of paint finish these wheels would work with, though. On a black car, the green might be too harsh a contrast. On a gray car it might look cool but also a bit odd. Isle of Man Green would obviously be too much green. And Sao Paulo Yellow with these green wheels would sear the retinas of onlookers. However, the wheels are cool enough that someone will find a great color combo for them.

Personally, I’d never buy a car with green wheels but I absolutely love that BMW is selling them. I love when car companies do completely bonkers things like sell neon green wheels.

If you fancy these wheels, you’ll likely be able to get them Summer 2021, around the same time that the BMW M3 and M4 start hitting dealerships. They won’t be optional on the M3 or M4 as they are but you will be able to get them from the factory as M Performance Parts add-ons. So if you want them, you can order them on your car, they’ll come from the factory on your car, be included in your monthly cost and have be included in the full factory warranty. Nice.

[Photos: @BMWM]