In an odd turn of events for the brand, the cheapest Rolls-Royce is quite possibly the best. Rolls likes to say that the Phantom is the best car in the world and there’s certainly an argument to be made in favor of that bold claim. However, with all of the development time and technology put into the new Rolls-Royce Ghost, the brand’s cheapest car, it might actually be better. In this new video from Doug DeMuro, you can find out why.

Doug DeMuro must absolutely love testing Rolls-Royces because they’re about the quirkiest, feature-packed cars on the road. From umbrellas that pop out of the doors to the starlight headliner, any modern Rolls is about as quirky as a car can get, in the best possible way.

The all-new Rolls-Royce Ghost is built on the brand’s new “Architecture of Luxury”, which is the brand’s all-aluminum bespoke chassis. So the Ghost is no longer built on the BMW 7 Series but on its own chassis. That makes it far superior to the car it replaces. It also features a bespoke Rolls-Royce engine, rather than a BMW-sourced engine.

Speaking of engine, the Ghost is powered by a 6.75 liter twin-turbocharged V12 and it makes an adequate amount of power. Honestly, it doesn’t matter how much power it makes, so long as it can pass any of the poors driving too slowly in front of it.

Unfortunately, DeMuro doesn’t get to drive the new Ghost in this video, as that’s where the car really shines. Its new Planar suspension system is designed to make the Ghost the best-riding Rolls-Royce ever made and it’s also supposed to be the quietest. In fact, it’s said that Rolls-Royce actually made the Ghost so quiet that it was too quiet. Its silence actually became unnerving for passengers, so Rolls had to engineer a soft noise back into the car, a noise Rolls-Royce calls “The Whisper”, because of course it does.

Overall, the new Rolls-Royce Ghost is probably the most interesting model in the brand’s range and this video takes you in depth with many of its interesting features.