The all-new BMW M3 and M4 (codenamed G80 and G82, respectively) are finally here. Since their official reveals, the internet car world has been flooded with articles, opinions and reviews of the two newest M cars. All of that information can be confusing and overwhelming. So if you don’t want to read through thousands of words, just to get an idea of what these two new cars are like, you can check out our new videos below.

First up is an overview of the BMW M3. It’s the main car of the two, considering it wears the iconic nameplate that dates back several decades. In the video, you get a good look at the car, as well as all of the important information necessary. Not only to you get the specs but you also get to learn about some of the M3’s interesting new features, all while checking out the design of the car up close.

Next is a video about the BMW M4, which is more of an overview. Considering the specs are the same as the M3, the M4 video is more of a comprehensive overview, talking about the car’s design, performance and chassis improvements. The video also shows you the M4 up close and it’s a mostly very good looking car.

Lastly, we bring you a video showing off the BMW M3 with some M Performance parts and an interesting livery. The livery is admittedly a bit Need for Speed and the M Performance parts are a bit extreme but for those looking for a more aggressive looking M3, this is for you. The new M Performance exhaust is the big ticket item, here, providing and entirely new exhaust design that’s different from every BMW to come before it.

While there’s so much more info about both cars, info that we cover in detail in other articles, these videos give you the gist of ’em. If you’re not a die-hard car nerd like we are and just want a crash course on the important info, these videos will do the trick.

[Top Image: @goeckii on Instagram]