The BMW X8 is slotted for sometimes after 2022. The new high-end crossover will sit at the top of the entire BMW lineup and aims to be one of the most luxurious cars ever offered by the Bavarians. But the X8 will be more than just luxury.

According to sources, the new BMW X8 could be offered in three variants (more on that in the next article). One of those variants will be a plug-in hybrid high-performance model. Dubbed BMW X8 M45e, the M Performance SUV uses a similar plug-in hybrid drivetrain as the recently unveiled BMW 745e.

BMW X8 – Not a very accurate rendering

The 745e comes with a turbocharged 3-liter six-cylinder engine good for 286 HP all on its own. Alongside it you’ll find an electric motor, delivering the same 113 HP and up to 265 Nm of torque, to be found integrated inside the 8-speed gearbox. Together, these two will be able to send 394 HP and up to 600 Nm of torque to the wheels.

Of course, the question remains whether BMW will squeeze more power out of the petrol unit or the electric motor, especially since the X8 M45e is likely to be heavier.

Project Rockstar — The Future BMW X8 M brings Hybrid V8 Power

Despite some reports out there, the BMW X8’s design is not based on the X7. While we don’t know the fine details, we did learn that it will have a unique bodystyle and not a coupe-like design that you’d expect to see from even-numbered X models.

The BMW X8 has always been rumored to be a more luxurious model, with a more bespoke finish for the discerning customer looking for the ultimate luxury. It will also be more expensive than the X7 and will most likely become the priciest car with a BMW roundel on you can buy.

Just like all non-front-wheel-drive based SUVs, the BMW X8 G09 will be built in South Carolina on the same lines as the X3, X4, X5, X6 and X7.