Car enthusiasts are always looking to upgrade and buy parts for their cars and the current aftermarket automotive marketplace can be a bit difficult to navigate. With so many different platforms with which to buy and sell parts, some of which aren’t designed well for car parts, it can be a confusing landscape. However, there’s a new platform that intends to make the process simpler and more engaging– ModFind.

ModFind is an automotive marketplace for like-minded enthusiasts to buy and sell parts, as well as share listings for cash. But what separates ModFind from other marketplace platforms is the fact that it’s catered to car enthusiasts, so you’re buying from and selling to like-minded car nuts and not randos on Craigslist or Let Go.

“After many years of hoping to find a solution to sell, buy, and share sought after automotive parts to like-minded users, we are proud ModFind is now live” said Fred Courtot, ModFind founder. “Not only will users be able buy and sell comfortably within a community of enthusiasts, but they will also be able to test the power of their social networks by sharing affiliate links to earn cash if their followers purchase a recommended product.”

Furthermore, Courtot says that “The icing on the cake is the ModFind approved vendors and performance shops. Now you have the ultimate source for all of your automotive parts needs.”

Another unique feature of ModFind is the Kickback function. If you’re really trying to sell something and are having a hard time, you can offer cash to other users to help promote your listing. So if you click the Kickback button on a listing, you can choose to send that listing to anyone in your phone’s contacts. If someone you shared the link with buys the product, you receive cash from the sale.

This helps to build a community of local car enthusiasts, as it instantly connects at least three people to the same listing (seller, Kickbacker(?) and buyer), which only helps to further the effectiveness of the marketplace.

So if you’re looking to either buy or sell car parts of any kind; engine parts, wheels, brakes; check out ModFind. Or even if you aren’t buying/selling, get on and promote some local listings and put some cash in your pocket. This way, you can join the growing community of enthusiasts in your area.

ModFind is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. You can also find them on Instagram and Facebook.

Disclosure: This is a partnership with ModFind to promote their new marketplace.