Part of the fun of buying a car like a BMW is being part of the club. As much as car enthusiasts like to mock customers for being brand snobs, being part of the group of fans that buy a certain car is part of the fun. But how can you spot each other when you’re out and about, on foot and not in your car? Well, BMW has an answer for you — BMW Lifestyle gear.

BMW Lifestyle has just released its new 2020 collection of gear and it’s filled with your typical premium automotive brand gear. There are a few jackets, some t-shirts, a couple of travel mugs, a couple of backpacks, a watch and some other various different BMW-branded items. Some of the items are made by other brands, such as Montblanc and Puma.

While most of the gear is pretty typical and the sort of stuff that would make a lot of BMW fans cringe, some stuff is actually quite awesome. For instance, the bicycle made by 3T is awesome and comes in two different colors. There’s also a really awesome kart for kids, which I kind of want for my own son. Then there’s the BMW M8 GTE for kids, which has a real-looking racing seat and a rear wing, which looks killer. Personally, I’m a sucker for mugs, I love a coffee good mug, so those look pretty cool, too.

So if you’re looking for some cool BMW-branded gear, or shopping for a loved one (Mother’s Day is coming up, fellas), you might be able to find something new and special for that BMW enthusiast in your life. Or maybe you just want a jacket that lets the world know you drive a BMW. Or maybe you just want to see pictures of good looking people posing far too dramatically to be modeling clothing…