If you’re one of those people who simply dislike the sound of the S55 3-liter twin-turbo engine, then luckily, some aftermarket companies come to rescue. Take for example the people over at Mulgari who have created the Mulgari Icon 03 that may very well be even better than the M2, with the soundtrack being provided by an B58 engine.

When it was launched, the B58 3-liter straight six got a lot of praise from everyone for sounding better than the N55. It still gets those compliments to this day and it sounds just right. One of those cars is the BMW M240i, a car that was used as a base for Mulgari’s most recent project, the Mulgari Icon 03. The British tuner wanted to create a car that hawked back to the classic M3s we all dream of.

mulgari icon 03 830x429

According to Carfection, they actually pulled it off.

This upgraded BMW M240i comes with a couple of very well picked changes. On the outside you’ll notice the wide body kit, the new wheels, new brakes and carbon fiber bits. Step inside and you’re greeted by new seats, a new steering wheel and a generally different atmosphere. Get it on the road and you probably will instantly notice the suspension, first of all.

The engine is also going to make a lasting impression. It is an upgraded B58 with more power than the M2 Competition and more torque, rated at 440 HP and 442 lb-ft (600 Nm) of torque. The engine also gets an Akrapovic exhaust, for a number of reasons, sound being the most important, by far.

We should also mention the carbon fiber roof option on this Mulgari Icon o3 that you can’t get on the M2. There’s a lot to say but let’s take a look at the video below.