Since we’re all stuck inside these days, the guys from BMW Group Classic decided to create a couple of short videos, taking us around the countless beauties they have in storage at the HQ in Munich. A great idea, to be honest, keeping us up to date with what’s happening behind closed doors, with some of the most important cars the Germans (and the industry as a whole) has ever seen.

In the first episode our guides take us inside to take a look at one of the cars with the largest followings these days: the BMW E30 M3. The car they decided to stop by might seem familiar too. That’s because it’s the M3 we drove last summer in the Austrian Alps, a memory and a review that will be stuck deep inside my head for as long as I live. Since all the cars are kept in ideal conditions here, we also get to hear the M3 come to life.

There are a couple of hiccups in the way though. As you already know, cars that sit a lot tend to eat up their batteries so after a couple of months of sitting idly, you might find them unable to start. To avoid running down the battery, most of the cars in the BMW Group Classic garage have their batteries disconnected. That was one of the hiccups in the way of hearing that S14 come to life in the video below.

Another one is the missing part in the cabin. As the guys let us know, this E30 M3 has no carpet in the back. The reason? Pretty simple: sometimes, when someone orders a part from BMW for a classic car, the best way to do it is to just take one that they already have, measure it and make another one following those specs. According to Ben, that’s why we can expect a new series of wide rear fenders for the E30 M3 in the near future as well. Great news!