Rolls-Royce is easily one of the most interesting automotive brands in the world. It has a history longer and more fascinating the 90-percent of brands on the market and it continues to be the world-leader in luxury. However, despite being a household name, there are lot of things the masses don’t know about the Goodwood-based luxury brand. So Top Gear listed off a few of them.

There are thirteen interesting facts about Rolls in this new article from TG. We won’t list all of them here, obviously, as that would be unfair to TG but we will tease a few of them.

One of which is the fact that the iconic Spirit of Ecstasy is not only incredibly valuable but it’s also beloved and protected. In fact, the iconic flying-lady hood ornaments are kept in a safe at the factory, with only enough of them for a day’s worth of production found in the safe.

Rolls-Royce Bespoke


The refrigerator option for the back seats of different Rollers has two different chill settings, both of which are for champagne. Because experts claim there to be two separate temperatures necessary for champagne — one for vintage bottles and one for non-vintage — any Rolls-Royce equipped with a fridge has both settings.

If you’ve ever sat in a Rolls-Royce, you’d know the leather inside is just different from every other brand. It’s softer, finer and smells better. It’s lovely and there’s an intangible quality to it that makes it seem better than everything else. There’s good reason for that. Rolls only sources leather from the finest bulls from cold, high-altitude climates. The reasons for that are because bulls are male and don’t get pregnant, thus reducing stretch marks, and the cold climate keeps insects away that could bite the bulls. That’s attention to detail.

Rolls-Royce Apprentice

There are so many more fascinating little tidbits of info about Rolls-Royce. As someone who appreciates inexpensive, simple cars more than flamboyant exotic ones, there’s something about Rolls that even captivates me. They’re just built better than everything else and have an incredible air of excellence to them that’s hard to deny. Check out this article and learn more about one of the most fascinating brands in history.

[Source: Top Gear]