The E34-generation BMW 5 Series has quite the loyal following. In fact, every time I mention that I’m not a fan of the way it looks, I get readers calling for my head on a pike. So I know just how loyal E34 fans are. However, despite my lukewarm feelings on the E34 5er, this 1989 ALPINA B10 is something I covet and one of you E34-lovers should bid on it.

Currently up for auction on Bring-A-Trailer, this ALPINA B10 is a real looker. That might sound a bit contradictory, with me having just claimed I’m not a fan of the E34, the ALPINA B10 makes it all better. That’s because it comes with a bit of extra body work, such as the lower front lip, big rear wing and gorgeous ALPINA-specific wheels. Combine that extra exterior bits with a lowered ride height and ALPINA’s classic blue paint with gold livery and you get a dynamite looking E34.

On the inside, it gets a black interior with an awesome set of cloth bucket seats with an ALPINA color scheme, which look incredibly inviting. Combine those seats with the wood trim and wood shift lever and the interior looks fantastic. It’s also in great shape, with no real issues to speak of.

Under the hood lies a 3.5 liter naturally-aspirated inline-six that makes a very healthy 254 hp and 239 lb-ft of torque. That engine is paired with a five-speed manual gearbox and powers only the rear wheels, as the Car Gods intended.

This specific car is also very fresh, with only around 120k km (75k miles) on the clock. Though, it was painted in ALPINA Blue, as the original color was black, after it was rear-ended in traffic. Though, that shouldn’t be much of an issue as the damage doesn’t seem to have been serious, or at least it’s not reported as such.

While I’m not a huge fan of the E34 5 Series, as previously mentioned, I really like this ALPINA B10. It looks great, has an awesome interior, a fantastic engine and should be a blast to drive. If you like E34’s and have the cash, bid on this.

[Source: Bring-A-Trailer]