In 1962, BMW developed a new line of cars called the Neue Klasse, or New Class. The New Class of cars were compact sedans and coupes which were meant to be comfortable and sporting, able to be both fun and family cars. The first car to be introduced under this new class of car was the 1500, followed by the 1800, 1600 and the 2000.

But in 1968 BMW created history, with the 2002. This was the fun model, as it was the perfect blend of power, performance, handling and comfort. It also turned into one of the most iconic BMWs. So it comes as no surprise that owners from around the world cherish the BMW 2002. Therefore, some of us would like to spend as much time as possible driving this beautiful bimmer.

Therefore, an a wet and windy day, we headed to Norfolk and 02 country. Arriving at Jaymic – a BMW parts company in the UK – on time, where we were presented with a lovely “2020” style script badge as a memento of the day. My friend Fay took the lead at great speed, having the advantage of knowing the local country lanes. We arrived at the first arranged stop – Baconsthorpe Castle where we parked all the BMW 2002s in line for muddy photos.

After a quick tour around the castle ruins, we were off again. Lunch was at the famous Wiveton Bell in Holt where I recall being there years ago for a similar BMW 2002 meeting. Back then, in the pub fireplace was a Jaguar E-Type engine that the old landlord used to start-up every Saturday night. Sadly, now it was replaced with a boring old log burner.

I have to say the roast beef dinner was superb I could have quite happily stayed there all afternoon. Unfortunately, further down the road, a BMW 2002 from our fleet broke down a few miles from the pub meet with missing wheel nuts. Now, we’re onto the next stop – Holkham Beach – for the final three 2002s (Red, Amber, Green) and then sad departures for the trip home. I was lucky enough to find a hand car wash open on the way and promptly got them to jet wash all the mud and clean under the arches ready for its next outing.

Thanks to Jaymic for organizing and great to see nine BMW 2002 models on a cold, wet Sunday. This car is meant to be driven and we plan to take advantage of that every week.