It’s that time again. We’re actually a bit late this week, so we apologize, but BMWBLOG Podcast Episode 14 is finally here. In it, I discuss some interesting topics, such as the E92 BMW 3 Series Coupe and why it’s such a great buy, the 2 Series Gran Coupe and why it isn’t, as well as why winter tires are important for you car this season.

To kick things off, I talk about the E92 3 Series. We actually spoke about the E90-generation 3 Series as a whole last week but we focus on just the E92 3 Series Coupe in this episode. That’s because we think it’s a sensational buy for young BMW enthusiasts looking to get into a fun, sporty and great looking car. The E92 is great for a number of reasons, highlighted in this episode, but chief of which is its looks. Personally, I think it’s the best looking 3 Series ever made and it’s going to age very well. Hell, it’s already thirteen years old (2007 was thirteen years ago, people) and it still looks fantastic.

After that, I talk about another car that we spoke about earlier in the week as well, the 2 Series Gran Coupe. Personally,  I don’t think the 2er GC is a bad car, as I came away surprisingly impressed with it after driving it. However, I also think it’s far too much money. In this episode, I talk about all of the other BMWs that offer far better value for around the same price. I also apologize ahead of time if my New Jersey Italian heritage got the best of me and had me a bit riled up. You should have seen my hands flying.

Lastly, I talk about winter tires. We’re almost evangelical about winter tires, as it seems that most Americans just don’t think they’re important and yet they absolutely are. So we really try and stress the reasons why winter tires are important.

Better than all of that, though, is next week’s episode. We have a special guest lined up for next week’s episode — Jackie Jouret. Jackie has been an automotive journalist for years, working for several different publications, including Bimmer. She’s also written BMW 2002: The story behind the legend, which can be found on Amazon. She’s an expert in all things BMW and we’re thrilled she’s going to be joining us. So stay tuned.

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