This year marks sixty years of MINI and it’s also the fifty-year anniversary of The Italian Job, one of the most iconic car movies of all time and one that just so happened to feature Minis. To honor that, Auto Express took three MINI Coopers to all of the famous locations from the original movie and even reenacted some of its iconic scenes.

For instance, they took the three MINI Coopers to the same spot where the Lamborghini Miura famously crashed into the bulldozer at the end of a tunnel and was then hurled down a cliff. They even stood atop the spot of the wreckage, just as the Italian mob members did in the movie. Does that count as a spoiler if the movie’s been out for almost twice as long as I’ve been alive?

MINI 60 Years Edition 22 830x552

Another absolutely iconic scene, and possible the fan-favorite, is the one where the classic Minis drive on top of the old FIAT factory, where a roof-top test track still remains. In this video, AE takes the three MINI Coopers up on the roof as well and I’m extremely jealous. Even if it was in lashing rain and they had to take it easy.

It’s a pretty fun little adventure they took and one that’s worth watching if you’re a fan of either the movie or the brand or both. As a car fan, The Italian Job is one of the very best car films of all time. Sure. it can be a tough watch nowadays, thanks to its classic-movie pacing, effects and dialog, but it’s still an all-time great. This video shows us where so many of the films iconic scenes were shot while also paying tribute to the MINI brand. Whether you’re a fan of MINI, The Italian Job or both, this video is worth a watch.