Amazon got behind the scenes into the world of Formula E and asked BMW i Motorsport to showcase the strong link between motorsport and automotive electric technology development. The online documentary which is available on the Amazon websites from Germany, UK and USA pictures the huge team effort and the success of the BMW iFE.18 in the first race of the 2018-2019 season, the first single-seater for the Formula E competition developed entirely by BMW.

Formula E, like Formula 1, is used as a test bed for the development of future electric powertrains. BMW i Motorsport makes no exception to this rule, as the iFE competition cars are the most relevant testing platform for high-performance technologies that are deployed into serial production later on. The electric powertrain for the Formula E car is being developed jointly by BMW Motorsport in the same facility where the road-legal BMW i models take shape.

BMW Group Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt notes that: “The film shows impressively that the Formula E project is much more than just another race to us. For the BMW Group, Formula E is a TechLab for the development of future electric production drive trains. The collaboration between the motorsport and production departments is a cycle. The Formula E drive benefitted from the experience of the production engineers during development. In return, the BMW i engineers are able to make use of all the technical insights that we gain through extreme use in Formula E. In spite of all the joy over sporting successes on the racetrack, this is the most important aspect of the Formula E project for us.”

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