You might’ve heard of Tyler Hoovie if you’re one of our avid readers. He’s an automotive journalist writing for a number of magazines these days and he also has a Youtube channel where we get to see what cars he owns these days. After buying a BMW E60 M5 – the cheapest he could find – and selling it for a considerable loss, our good man decided to give it another go with a BMW, this time one powered by a V12.

This wouldn’t be the first BMW V12-powered car he ever had as his garage also includes a Rolls-Royce Phantom that uses the exact same engine as the 7 Series he just purchased. To be more precise, this is an E66 BMW 760Li which is powered by the N73 engine. This was a naturally aspirated 6-liter V12 capable of delivering 440 HP and some 600 Nm (443 lb-ft) of torque to the rear wheels. That made the 760Li the fastest car in the range with a 5.5-second dash to 60 mph.

It’s actually a great car and the options it has make it a truly luxurious grand tourer even today. Furthermore, the car actually looks to be in good condition, with no tear on the leather and no ugly scratches. The only problem seems to be in the driver’s footwell, where there’s a considerable amount of what looks like dried up mud. The price he paid is also ridiculously low. At $4,500 it’s hard to find anything else on the market so luxurious and powerful.

There is a downside though. This car hasn’t been properly maintained and that’s why it has such a low price. That’s nothing new for Hoovie though, as he is known to buy the cheapest cars out there and then repair them. This time round, the BMW 760Li didn’t seem that out of shape though, an estimated $2,800 being required to make it shine again. I just can’t wait to see it fixed and back on the road again so I will stay tuned to his channel to see how things work out.