In future, owners of BMW electrified vehicles will be rewarded for their environmentally-friendly choice and their commitment for an emission-free world. As a pioneer in electric mobility and environmental sustainability, BMW has designed the first e-mobility reward program for clients of its plug-in hybrid models.

The BMW Points system was specifically aimed at owners of BMW plug-in hybrid vehicles, such as the all-new X5 xDrive45e or the 330e.

2019 2020 BMW 330e plug in hybrid 60 830x553

The more you travel fully electric, the more points you earn. Every time you activate ELECTRIC mode on your electrified Bimmer, you get 1 reward point.

In Germany, BMW has delimited certain green, eDrive Zones inside several cities. Thanks to connectivity, the BMW plug-in hybrid are capable of detecting whenever the car enters such zones and automatically triggers on the ELECTRIC mode.

A journey through the eDrive Zone will bring you 2 points, so the more you travel within this area, the double the reward you get compared to standard no-emission rides.

2020 BMW X5 xDrive45e test drive 53 830x553

The BMW Points you have collected can then be used for accessing various benefits, such free charging when a certain number of points is accumulated as part of the program.

The video below further explains the BMW Points and the eDrive Zones: