The first Rolls-Royce Black Badge models were unveiled in March 2016. Since then, sales of the most powerful cars in production over at Rolls-Royce have been steadily going up indicating an appetitive for more special models. Today, the British brand unveiled a collaboration with Viktoria Modesta aimed at expressing the soul of Black Badge in a different way.

Viktoria Modesta is a bionic performance artist and art director, celebrated for innovative and futuristic approach and famed for her fearless performances at the Paralympic Games Closing Ceremony, Art Basel and Fashion Weeks worldwide. She was joined by an international team of tech and fashion designers to pull of the video you can check out below. Anouk Wipprecht, the ‘FashionTech’ pioneer, collaborated with Rolls-Royce to build items that apply his hallmark aesthetic of fashion design, engineering, science and user experience to the pieces Viktoria wears.

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Her prosthetic leg was re-imagined too, made from Black Badge carbon fiber that she designed in collaboration with Joe DiPrima at ArcAttack. A Tesla coil is incorporated into the heel and activates under pressure to create a ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ effect, illuminating the glass area of the limb with a continuous trail of large sparks on demand. It is the first wearable ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ of its kind. The colored area of the prosthetic is finished in the marque’s hallmark Black paint and detailed with a 3D printed and electroplated Rolls-Royce grille motif.

Wipprecht, alongside Modesta and the Bespoke Collective also tailored a Black Badge carbon fiber bodice to the bionic artist. The artist’s silhouette was digitized using a high-resolution body scan while the bodice itself was created using a SLS powder-based 3D printing technique to form the extra-lightweight wearable before it was veneered with carbon fiber.

Torsten Müller-Ötvös, Chief Executive Officer, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars:

“Black Badge began as an alter-ego of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars but has grown to define an attitude that exists among a new breed of entrepreneurs. These remarkable people are confident, assertive and willfully disruptive. They respond to the notion of re-imagined rules. This film is a tribute to their philosophy and the ongoing success of this truly transformative expression of luxury.”