It’s not unusual to compare different luxury vehicles to see which is best. However, typically those luxury cars aren’t completely different types of vehicles. In this new comparison test from Auto Express, we take a look a the BMW 7 Series and the Range Rover. Odd but interesting.

What’s even more interesting about these two cars is the fact that they’re both hybrids. So at least they have that in common. More specifically, they’re the all-new BMW 745Le and the Range Rover P400e. Both are extremely expensive, extremely luxurious hybrid vehicles but that’s about where their similarities end. Obviously, the 7 Series is a sedan and the Range Rover is an SUV. While there’s merit to seeing which is better to buy — a luxury sedan or a luxury SUV — it’s a bit odd to compare two completely different brands’ cars like that. Still, it’s interesting so let’s check it out.

Both cars are extremely comfortable, quiet and luxurious. So there’s really not much in it in terms of those qualities. Instead, it’s more interesting to see how their hybrid powertrains compare and how they drive.

In terms of powertrain, it seems that BMW made a wise move switching this new 745Le to a six-cylinder engine, rather than the old car’s four-cylinder. The new car uses a 3.0 liter turbocharged inline six paired with an electric motor. That’s not only bumped power but it’s increased refinement, making it a smoother, more luxurious powertrain to use. And it’s noticeable when compared to the Range Rover’s turbocharged four-cylinder/electric motor setup. The 7 Series is not only faster but it’s smoother and nicer to use.

As far as handling goes, it’s not exactly fair, is it? The BMW 7 Series is always going to be the more dynamic car to drive over the Range Rover; it’s lower, lighter and more nimble. The Range Rover is effortlessly comfortable but it’s not fun to drive. It does make up for that with far superior practicality and off-road ability over the 7 Series, obviously.

So which car is best in the end? Well, we recommend reading Auto Express’ comparison test to fin out.

[Source: Auto Express]