A new page in the history of BMW Motorrad is written today, as the BMW /5 Series celebrates its 50th anniversary. To mark the occasion, BMW Motorrad decided to launch an exclusive BMW R nineT /5 model that comes with a couple of interesting features. Since the /5 Series was rather loved when it first came out and featured a couple of innovations for those days, the anniversary model follows the same path.

BMW has been making motorcycles since the 1920s and by the 1960s, the production plants couldn’t keep up with the demand. Sure, BMW was focusing more on the cars at the time but they never truly let go of motorcycle manufacturing and thus, the decision was made to open a new plant in Berlin solely for bikes. Operations got underway in 1969 and the first models to roll out the assembly lines were the new /5 models in all guises: R 50/5, R 60/5 and R 75/5.

The new models were inspiring and saw instant success thanks to a combination of riding dynamics and travel comfort. The most powerful model, the 75/5 had a 750cc engine and could reach up to 110 mph. The bikes also had electric starting and telescopic forks, for better comfort. A wider range of bold, bright body colors was also available for the new models and they started making an impact.

The R nineT /5 model celebrates the history of both the model and the Berlin plant. It follows in the footsteps of the original and has a couple of interesting throwback features such as heated grips or knee pads. Chrome for the rear mirrors, exhaust manifold and rear silencer likewise hark back to the original model, as does the double seat contoured in the style of the /5 with cross-embossing on the cover, grab straps and white piping as well as gaiters on the telescopic fork.

The coating of the engine, gearbox, fork slider tubes, wheel hubs and spokes in Aluminum Silver also evokes the /5 models, as do the components finished in black such as the frame and the propeller shaft casing. The engine is also a 1,170 cc boxer unit with 110 HP. The wheels, as you might have noticed, as spoked while the whole bike is dressed up in Lupine Blue metallic with certain accents to mark the special occasion.