When it comes to performance, BMW fans are always going to want more and more from their M cars. For instance, as soon as the BMW M2 Competition made its debut, despite being more powerful and more capable than ever before, fans were almost immediately begging for something more. Fortunately, they’re going to get more, in the shape of the BMW M2 CS.

The M2 Competition is already more powerful than the standard M2, while also being a bit sharper and more engaging. Though, it’s not exactly a lightweight, stripped out purists car. In fact, it’s actually heavier than the standard M2 by a bit. So for fans that were hoping for something more hardcore, more in line with the old M3 CSL, the BMW M2 CS is going to be that car.

In this spy video, we can see a camouflaged BMW M2 CS taking some hot laps at the Nurburgring, because of course it is. What’s interesting about this test mule is that it’s fully covered in camouflage, despite us having seen every other iteration of the M2. So maybe it’s getting some drastic styling changes. Or maybe BMW just decided to heavily wrap it.

2020 BMW M2 CS 830x527

It does have a few noticeable visual tweaks, though. For example, a new decklid rear spoiler and a more aggressive lower front lip are noticeable in this video, making it look angrier. It also seems like it might have newer, larger wheels but it’s hard to tell because the car doesn’t stop moving in this video.

Speaking of moving, the BMW M2 CS seems to move really well at the ‘Ring. Turn-in seems sharp and it looks very nimble, with quick changes of direction and seemingly immediate responses. The M2 Comp is already a sharp and responsive machine so the BMW M2 CS should be razor-like.

Aside from being sharper, lighter, more track-focused, and packing around 450 hp, we don’t know much else about the BMW M2 CS. We can’t wait to find out more, though.