We’ve been following Evolve Automotive’s project F90 BMW M5 for some time now. With just some simple mods, they’ve been able to push their M5 up to about 800 hp, which is simply insane. They’ve also done some cosmetic tweaks, which include new wheels and lowering springs. So, needless to say, it’s a fast, exciting M5.

At a recent Vmax 200, they decided to test their M5’s top speed and see what it could do. In just one run, they launch the BMW M5 hard and it looks like it gets shot out of a cannon. It continues to pull furiously all the way until it reaches 200 mph on the nose.

While 200 mph seems sort of pedestrian nowadays, as we live in a world where YouTube is littered with videos of tuned cars reaching that number, it isn’t. At 200 mph, you’re moving at 293 feet per second. That means, at that speed, you can cross an entire American football field in about one second. That’s literally ridiculous. Think about that distance for a second and imagine how flipping fast that is.

All of this was also done in a four-door luxury sedan with sumptuous leather seats, every modern automotive tech imaginable and a regular old automatic gearbox. So it can putter around town as comfortably and easily as a regular 5 Series. But then it can jump on a drag strip and roast supercars for lunch.

Unfortunately, Evolve wasn’t using any timing gear, so we don’t know exactly how fast it got from 0-60 mph, 100 mph and, eventually, 200 mph. I would be interesting to see just how much faster this tuned version is over the stock version, considering that car is already stupid fast. It would also be interesting to see how it stacks up against genuine supercars and hypercars. Still, just seeing it clock 200 mph is pretty awesome.