The BMW 5 Series has been launched a while back. As a matter of fact, even though it may surprise you, the current 5 Series is getting closer to its facelift which marks the halfway point in the production span. At the same time, the competition has been hard at work and Audi, for example, launched its brand new A6 not long ago. Thus, comparisons between the traditional German executive sedans were bound to pop up.

In this video, Mat Watson of Car Wow is taking a closer look at the three usual German culprits: the BMW 5 Series, the Audi A6 and the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. Alongside this usual comparison though we also get to take a look at the Lexus ES, a welcome addition in my book. I’d also like to take a closer look at other choices in this segment as well. Maybe some American cars or more Asian choices, from car makers like Kia or Hyundai.

This segment has been heavily disputed over the years and, to be fair, it’s hard to find a clear winner today, a car that stands above all others in all areas. That’s because car makers have finely tuned their offerings to match what their customer base wants. Thus, the BMW is the best driving car here, but it’s also the one with the harshest ride. The Mercedes-Benz is the one that banks a lot on its comfort and thus loses in the dynamics department while the Audi A6 fits right in the middle, as Mat explains.

The one that comes out last is the Lexus. The ES seems to be the noisiest and the least agile car here. That may be so but it’s also the most frugal choice and the only hybrid, a good choice for some people who want to leave diesel mills behind. Which one would you get, considering what this comparison points out?