Pitting a track toy such as the BMW M2 Competition against a proper GT car, like the BMW M850i xDrive doesn’t seem like fair game, right? But then again, why isn’t this comparison fair? Is it unfair to the M2 or the M850i? I guess the answer depends on where you’re testing the two and the testing scenario. On the track the M2 Competition should be more agile than the 8 but then again, the power difference between them is rather noticeable.

The guys from TFLC are known for their peculiar mash-ups. In this instance they chose two cars from BMW to compare and I think it’s quite a noteworthy exercise for a change. that’s because, the M2 is almost half-price compared to the M850i. Having driven both, I can wholeheartedly say I’d find it hard to decide between them but I know, if I had the money to buy the BMW M850i, that’s the one I would go for and I’m guessing rich people around the world would agree.

Therefore, in my case, the price tag would be the limiting factor. I’d probably afford an M2 Competition a lot sooner than an 8 Series and would probably be quite comfortable with such a choice. Furthermore, if we’re talking track use, one of these cars is a full-on M product while the other is an M Performance model. This, however, is not an irrefutable argument as M Performance cars can actually feel and be more to your taste than a full-on M car, that’s usually more hardcore.

Getting back to the video at hand here, the BMW M850i xDrive went first and the driver immediately picked up the fact that it is a heavy Coupe. It leans and you can feel it but at the same time, as heavy as it may be, it is very well balanced, which is not something just any car can claim. As for the M2 Competition, it did exactly what you’d expect. What you won’t expect though – at least I didn’t – will be the lap times. Check out the video to find out which car is faster.