After seeing the BMW M8 in a closed room viewing, we’ve been hooked. It looks fantastic and is going to be fast as all hell. What we’re now learning, though, is that it’s going to sound fantastic as well. As evidenced by this new spy video.

In this video, we actually get a glimpse of both the BMW M8 Coupe and the M8 Convertible. While the latter is the one mostly featured in this video, we do get to see both. Thankfully, there are a couple of shots of both cars getting some fuel. That allows us to see them up close and hear their impressively angry-sounding V8s. On track at the Nubrurgring, we get to hear the BMW M8 Convertible open up the taps a bit and let some of that V8 fury out. It sounds deep, angry and violent. Good.

It should sound violent. It’s packing a 4.4 liter twin-turbocharged V8 that will make over 600 hp (though, no official power output has been confirmed). With that much power on tap, it deserves a bitchin’ soundtrack and it seems to have gotten one.

The BMW M8 won’t just be all bark and no bite. Thanks to that 600-plus horsepower and all-wheel drive grip, it should be properly quick. Even just the M Performance BMW M850i variant, a sort of M-lite, can nail 60 mph in the low three-second range. So we’re fully expecting the proper M8 to be able to hit either 3.0 seconds flat or maybe even less. The BMW M5, which should be heavier than the M8 when the latter finally debuts, has been recording breaking into the two-second range. So it’s not absurd to think the M8 will be able to do the same.

But we’re still excited about the sound. BMW hasn’t been the best maker of exhaust noises as of late, with the M3 engine flat-out sounding like a turbocharged hair dryer. However, this M8 sounds good and we can’t wait to hear it in person.