Evolve Automotive is typically known for their performance or visual upgrades, such as big power gains are wild carbon fiber aero. However, this new video is a bit different because it’s about security. As you can imagine, if you have an expensive BMW, especially one that’s had additional expensive upgrades added, you don’t want it getting stolen.

Modern luxury cars are especially susceptible to relay theft, where the thief uses a device to boost the signal between the car in your driveway and the key fob in your house. They can they easily get in, start it and go. The Pandora alarm system is a way to prevent that, as it locks the car and doesn’t allow it to start until unlocked by the Pandora system, which can be controlled via either a separate remote or mobile app.

In this video, Evolve Automotive shows off the Pandora alarm system on their BMW M2 project car. Even when he gives someone the actual car’s key fob, the car still won’t start until Imran unlocks it with the Pandora system. So this will prevent the threat of relay theft for a lot of customers.

Evolve now sells and installs the Pandora alarm system but doesn’t go into detail about how it’s installed, nor do they show the process of installation like their other videos. This is to keep security information and the process of installing this alarm private.

What’s nice is that the Pandora system comes with other features as well. For instance, it can start the car remotely, even if it does take a longer time than most remote starts, and can even show you how much fuel the car has. So it’s a helpful tool as well as a security alarm.

If you have a modern BMW with keyless entry, it might be worth taking a look at this Pandora system.